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Doctor's Visit

RPMStream Services

We provide a complete end to end Remote Patient Monitoring Platform that is extremely easy to implement. We provide everything you need and make it practical and pleasant for both your staff and your patients.  


Our platform is end to end HIPAA compliant.  We use some of the most advanced data managment systems possible.  Computer Vision,  Machine Learning and Predictive Data Analysis.

Patient Monitoring

There are many check points in place that will notify us and you, of any changes that are of a concern to a patient.  Our quality control of the data is excellent.


We provide all the training for your staff and patients.  The platform is designed for its simplicity and training is exceptionally easy.

What Our Service Cost

This is absolutely the best part, its of no cost to you or your patients.  We receive our reimbursement from Medicare on CPT Code 99454 - Device Supply and Daily Recordings with Programmed Alerts. 

Billing Medicare

We provide all the coding and tracking and we will Bill Medicare for you promptly.

Medical Devices

We offer a plethora of devices to monitor a patient's health.  We use seamless technology to capture the data which makes it extremely easy for the patients.

Customer Support

We're always available.  You will always be connected to your personal RPMStream representative.

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