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Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits

Quality Guaranteed

Patient Problems we Solve

Physician Benefits

Seniors and chronic illness patients are vulnerable and are in need to utilize advanced monitoring systems, which look for any changes in vital signs.


Patients can be challenged with Transportation. Some have physical limitations, and some are separated by great distances.


Lengthy schedule of physician visits can adversely affect a patient’s health.


A patient’s health can change from day to day that can adversely affect their health and may not be noticeable by the patient.


A patient can develop an emotional disconnect with their provider. 


Many physicians and clinics in rural communities do not implement RPM.


West Virginia is Lacking RPM Technology and Private Companies are not Filling the Gap in RPM. This is lacking throughout all of Appalachia.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Managing Patients with Chronic Diseases

Getting Paid Enough and Seeing and Seeing Enough Patients

Optimizes clinical staff efficiency and combats clinical staff shortages

Improves data driven clinical decision making

Helps patients improve self management and care plan adherence

Cost of Care reduction for payers and providers

Builds patient engagement

Prevents the spread of infectious diseases and Hospital-Acquired Infections

Expands referral opportunities and improves retention

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